About Remichain

Remichain is a  cryptocurrency startup solving cross-border payment hassle. Remittance is key, RemiChain will improve cross-border payment using blockchain technology to eliminate excess fee charged by the existing traditional payment system. Remichain aims to provide real exchange rates, transparent service fees and transfers within seconds.  

Lower Cost

Remichain is one of the innovations that will lower the cost of remittance.

The company will charge almost zero fees depending on the transaction fees from the network, maximum service fee of 0.5%.

Fast & Secure

Remichain is based on Blockchain technology that is secure, reliable, and fast.

RemiChain is an ERC20 token and runs on the Ethereum platform which offers fast processing time and security.

OTC Platform

Remichain is a cryptocurrency OTC platform that allows users to trade major cryptocurrencies with low costs. Users are able to convert your money to digital assets such as Bitcoins via our OTC platform directly from your mobile devices or desktops.

0 Billion
Max Supply



Token Allocation

Smart-Drop Marketing
Tokens 10%
Affiliate Programs
Tokens 10%
Initial Product Offering
Tokens 30%
Reserved for year 3-5 marketing
Tokens 50%

Market Strategy

To create global adoption, Remichain will use highly personalized campaign strategies. This will ensure that Remichain can be matched to the demands and expectations of all investors globally. It is forecast that 92% of users will adopt REMI as a method of payment. Over time Remichain will work to prove the value of its applications to drive the adoption of the REMI token as a payment platform.
Below is a summary of the campaign activity:

• DIRECT - Remichain will leverage a range of perpetual activities to drive adoption starting with the reach of a proposed IEO and Remicahin website.
Remichain will also use affiliations, influencers and events to broaden its market reach.

• CHANNEL - Remichain will develop strategic relationships with channel partners globally. The profile of these partnerships will be based on organizations that have significant existing customer bases (exchanges and traditional financial market providers) as well as those entities that are able to support Remichain with localization (where language and alignment to culture are critical). A number
of significant relationships are already advanced in this category and are expected to be announced in Q4 2020.

Remichain DApp Features

1. REMI wallet: Remichain will have a wallet to store $REMI token.

2. Mobile Top Up: In-App data and recharge card purchase for all networks globally.

3. OTC market: Remichain will have an Over-the-counter (OTC) market for easy swapping of $REMI token to local currencies and other cryptocurrencies.