Remichain Ambassador Program

There’s no better time to get involved with Remichain. 

Do you have a passion for cryptocurrencies? Do you want to help with real-world adoption of crypto? Are you looking for an extra income paid in cryptocurrency on a weekly basis.? Do you have the creativity and influence to persuade people?

If you answered YES to these questions, Remichain needs you! 

The ideal candidates will be self-motivated and confident people with good networking skills.  We place no restrictions on your method of spreading the project, we want to let your entrepreneurial spirt flow freely. We encourage you to make use of all the regular channels. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, Telegram, Instagram, Blogs, Slack. Forward the message of real-world adoption of cryptocurrencies with Remichain. Educate the masses on why cryptocurrency has a prominent role to play in all future commerce.

The Ambassador Program is open to people from all countries.

How to Apply:

1. Full Name? 

2. Your Twitter, Facebook, Telegram *Any Others We Should Know About* usernames?

3. What’s your experience with sales, networking, marketing, social media?

4. How do you intend to promote Remichain?

5. Why do you wish to represent the Remichain project?

6. Do you have any experience with graphic design and brand representation?

7. When and how did you hear about Remichain?

8. Is there anything else we should know?

Any ambassador who want to be featured on Remichain website must hold a minimum of 5000 REMI token in their wallet. The team will upload an image of such person with a short description of their expertise and social handles for more trust scores. It is optional, ambassador can decide to be anonymous.

We’ll consider all applications carefully and each on their own merit. If you’re accepted, you’ll hear back from a member of our team within 48 hours with further details.